About Us

Savvy Interactive Music Publishing is a company based in London (UK) creating and publishing interactive digital books specialising in music education. Our books are designed specifically for, and are available exclusively from, the iBooks Store by Apple. They take advantage of the interactive features made possible by iBooks and as such make the experience much more like using an app than reading a book. 

One of the many advantages of iBooks is that no streaming is required whilst using them. Once the initial purchase of the book has downloaded to your device all of its content is fully functional off line. So it doesn't matter where you are, or whether you have any data or mobile phone signal available. You can always use it.

Our interactive digital books are designed to be used on an iPad, simply because the size of the screen makes the notation large enough to read comfortably, but of course you could also use the books on an iPhone, which has the added advantage of always being with you. 

You only need to purchase once. Any purchase made will work on any of your Apple computers, iPads or iPhones, and will always remain in your Apple account for future use. 


What is different about our products

Our interactive learning resources help musicians to achieve their goals and make practice routines more effective. By combining traditional sheet music notation with audio, video and animation built directly in to the book the student can enjoy playing along with the examples and have an immersive musical experience. Incorporating this new technology completely changes the learning process. 

Traditionally most students would learn to play by sight, or by ear, but rarely would they do both at the same time. This technology enables the musician to use both their eyes and ears at the same time, as they are learning. With practice, their brains become used to  processing the material in this way, which is much more like the "real life" scenario they have to deal with when performing. By hearing the musical examples as they see them and playing along with that, their reading improves, particularly when reading rhythms. By practicing with the backing tracks their ear improves and they become familiar with playing along with other instruments. So when they come to play in a band situation, with other musicians, they are already in their comfort zone and are used to processing what is going on around them. 

Whilst there have been many published books in the past which include musical examples and backing tracks on accompanying CDs, and before that on tapes, the iBooks technology enables the audio to be embedded right in to the digital books. The video and animation capabilities go further than anything possible before and everything is immediately available at a touch of the screen or can be automated and synchronised along with the sheet music. Also, hyperlinks embedded in to the text allow immediate reference to other materials, books or audio recordings for further study and download. This sophisticated and integrated technology enables students to interact on a high level with the musical material and enhances the learning experience. Young students in particular, who are used to interacting in this way with iPad apps and games, find this way of learning more stimulating and natural.