Savvy Interactive Music Publishing launch the first in their new series of interactive digital books for music education.

London, March 2018. 

Savvy Interactive Music Publishing, a company specialising in producing interactive digital music education books exclusively for the iBooks Store, are pleased to announce the launch of "The Savvy Guide To..." series of music tuition books by award winning jazz educator Buster Birch. 


Each book is dedicated to different concepts and techniques used for improvising and includes Concert Pitch, Bb Pitch, Eb Pitch and Bass Clef versions, making them useful for virtually all instruments. Drawing on his years of experience teaching improvisation to adult learners, school children and music conservatoire students he presents a simple a step by step guide to developing the skills required for improvising. Offering clear instruction and a logical pathway these interactive digital books include many practical exercises, which are tried and tested methods, in all 12 keys with notation and audio play-along files at different tempos embedded directly in to the books. 

All of the books are designed specifically for, and are available exclusively from, the iBooks Store by Apple. They take advantage of the many interactive features and as such make the experience much more like using an app than reading a book. Once the initial purchase of the book has downloaded to your device all of its content is fully functional off line, so you can always use it. The books are designed to be used on an iPad, simply because the size of the screen makes the notation large enough to read comfortably, but of course you could use any of the books on an iPhone, which means it is always with you. Also, you only need to purchase once. Any purchase made will work on all of your Apple devices and will always remain in your Apple account for future use.

The first in The Savvy Guide To... series is "How To Learn To Improvise using Minor Pentatonic Scales" which is written for any musicians on any instrument interested in learning how to learn to improvise. Unlike a lot of other available material on this subject it isn’t just about the theory, it is about the process and provides a series of practical exercises that break down, what can feel like for some, a huge leap in to small manageable steps. It is a tried and tested practical method that is thorough and follows a sequence of exercises that move the student away from playing scales up and down to creating melodic phrases, which gives them the confidence to improvise without getting lost in the form of the music. Not only a great resource for any musicians new to improvising, this method can also enable teachers to give their students a structured and clear pathway towards learning to improvise. 

Buster said, “Its taken a lot of work to put together, but its great to see the first book in the series now available on the iBooks Store. I’m very excited about the possibilities that this interactive format enables and how it can really help the students learn. Many thanks to Savvy Interactive Publishing for making this happen and I look forward to working with them on more books in the future. Number 2 in the series should be coming out soon.”  

All four versions of “How To Learn To Improvise using Minor Pentatonic Scales” (Concert Pitch, Bass Clef, Bb Pitch and Eb Pitch) are now available on the iBooks Store or via the publisher’s website, which also contains more information at 

Buster Birch has been a professorial member of the jazz faculty at Trinity Laban conservatoire of music for seven years where he taught improvisation, musicianship, jazz repertoire and jazz history classes. He has been a visiting lecturer at The Royal Academy of Music, The Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Middlesex University. He is co-director of the UK’s longest running jazz summer school (, a week long residential course hosted at The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama for singers and all instrumentalists of all ages and experience levels. He runs two regular jazz workshops for adult learners ( and He is the course leader for BYMT Jazz School ( which runs regular jazz improvisation classes for junior and secondary school students at the Bromley music hub. In 2017 BYMT Jazz School won the prestigious Will Michael Diploma Award for Jazz Education, a national award recognising “outstanding commitment to jazz education” and “acknowledging the work of those field practitioners who are actually delivering jazz education and in many cases helping to combat the widespread jazz phobia among classroom music teachers and instrumental tutors.” For further information please see 


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